Powering Asia ResponsiblyK

From our beginnings in Hong Kong over a century ago, CLP has become one of the leading external investors in the Mainland’s power sector. We are committed to delivering economic value to our capital providers and social and environmental value to all our stakeholders. As we grow, we will continue to abide to a strict set of business principles and ethics to ensure that our business remains sustainable.

To be sustainable, our business must generate long-term economic value while meeting the needs of our stakeholders. With experiences developing and operating energy projects around Asia, CLP is uniquely positioned to support the Mainland’s growth and deliver economic value to our capital providers.

We deliver social value by providing affordable and reliable electricity to support economic and social development; by offering safe and rewarding job opportunities to local communities; and, by being a good corporate citizen wherever we operate.

Electricity is clean energy at the point of use. However in the generation of electricity, some environmental impacts are inevitable. We are committed to managing these impacts responsibly and will continue to conduct our business in a way that sustains the planet so that our future generations will have the resources to meet their needs.

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