A visionary board of directors combined with a dynamic management team is critical to success in any industry. Visionary leaders have led CLP to success for more than a century, with directors working closely with the management team to formulate an impactful direction and growth strategy for the company while maintaining close oversight on business operations.

CLP’s Board of Directors and Senior Management are deeply aware of their responsibilities to employees, business stakeholders and the communities where CLP operates. They do their utmost to ensure that the company’s financial, environmental and social contributions are aligned with CLP’s code of conduct.

CLP China Executive Committee

  • Managing Director – China - Law Ka Chun, Joseph

    Law Ka Chun, Joseph

    Managing Director – China

  • Senior Director – Finance &  Administration (China) - Li Xiao Qiang, Richard

    Li Xiao Qiang, Richard

    Senior Director – Finance & Administration (China)

  • Chief Operating Officer – China - Cheung Kin Chung, Chris

    Cheung Kin Chung, Chris

    Chief Operating Officer – China

  • Senior Director - Nuclear - Chen Tao, Roger

    Chen Tao, Roger

    Senior Director - Nuclear

  • Senior Director – Business Development (China) - Chan On Lan, Alan

    Chan On Lan, Alan

    Senior Director – Business Development (China)

  • General Manager - CLP Business Management (Beijing) Co. Ltd. - Cai Jing Wei

    Cai Jing Wei

    General Manager - CLP Business Management (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

  • General Counsel – China - Liu Xin Hong

    Liu Xin Hong

    General Counsel – China

  • Director – Human Resources (China and Group Operations)  - Lam Ching, Cynthia

    Lam Ching, Cynthia

    Director – Human Resources (China and Group Operations)

  • Director – Corporate Affairs (Business Operations) - Elizabeth Tai

    Elizabeth Tai

    Director – Corporate Affairs (Business Operations)