Renewable Energy

Renewable energy forms an indispensable part of government policies and measures in response to climate change.

The Chinese government plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy as part of all primary energy consumption to 25% by 2030. CLP has a wealth of experience in the development and operation of renewable energy projects in the Asia-Pacific region and is in pole position to capitalise on the opportunities that have arisen from the new policies.

The Chinese government has rolled out many policies to attract more investments in renewable energy . CLP is proactively expanding our renewable energy portfolio in line with China’s journey towards a low-carbon future. We are constantly expanding generation capacity in Mainland China using renewable sources  with equity in over 40 renewable energy projects. Every project is designed to create value for stakeholders and has undergone a stringent approval process. We will continue to expand our renewable portfolio as Mainland China is moving to a low-carbon economy.